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April 23 · 

We first heard, or saw Three Hounds on Facebook and saw that it was only about a half an hour away. We have had Willow for about 6 1/2 years and she always was shy around water and would back off when waves came in. We just decided on a whim to see if she would be willing to swim. Becky was so nice and understanding and patient with Willow. I went in with Willow to "coax" her in. After she went in, she was a natural and Becky worked with her so well. What a great place to introduce her to swimming. We may need to be a little more patient on the possibility of dock diving, but with Becky's help, I think it is possible. Thank you Becky!!!!!

May 4 at 11:41am · 

Really fun place! Clean, professional, and calm. I love the fact that everyone gets an appointment, so the pups don't have to worry about anyone but their humans and the trainers. Our pups Eastwood and Iggy had so much fun on their first swimming adventure! Becky was incredibly patient with the pups when they were a bit hesitant to get into the water, and she gently guided them and helped them to have a good time. I recommend this place to everyone!!


May 12 at 10:13am · 

Worth every penny! I have a safe, clean place to wear out my dog! Staff are so friendly and helpful! During our first session, Boone would only jump in from the ramp. Now, three sessions later, he is dock diving! 


May 6 at 3:57pm · 

Cali and Sparco had an awesome time in the pool! It was Cali's first time as she came home with her daddy from Stevens Point and I just had to have her experience the cool swimming here at Three Hounds and they did not disappoint! till next time!!


May 5 at 6:14pm · 

My dog Mindy and I had an incredible time working with Rich and Jen! Mindy was signed up for a 30 minute orientation swim because she was a young novice swimmer. By the end of the session, with some instruction and direction from Rich, Mindy was leaping into the water from the dock! The facilities are amazing! The staff is knowledgeable and friendly! We are fortunate to have such an incredible opportunity in our area! Thank you very much! Mindy and I look forward to a potential dock diving career!

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