I'm here now what?

First time in the water

Not sure if your Pup swims like a fish or a rock? That's where we can help. We will work with you and your dog to introduce them to the pool, the ramp, and the dock. We then assess your dog's comfort level and confidence as a swimmer. If your dog has a life vest bring it along, if not we have a vest you can use.  Be sure to sign up for an orientation swim if your dog is at this level. ( This is a one- time orientation per dog.)

 Things to think about before your visit...

  • Bringing a change of clothes and shoes for yourself
  • Toys and treats for your dog
  • Towels for you and your dog
  • Water shoes if you choose to be in the water with your dog
  • Adult life vests are NOT on site, but dog life vests will be available
  • Aggressive dogs and/or owners will be asked to leave until their behavior is corrected. 
  • Cancellations with less than 24 hours notice will be charged full price.

Dock Diving Pro

Compete with UAD, Dock Dogs, or NADD, no problem, You can come on in and use the pool, find others that can offer advice, sign up for private lessons. You can even enjoy the attention as others just stare in awe as you and your dock diving pro perfect your skills for the upcoming season.

Friendly Reminders

  • Do not feed your dog 3 - 4 hours before their appointment.
  • Arrive 10 - 15 minutes before your appointment to potty your dog.
  • Dogs with long fur or double coats please brush or rinse your dog before your appointment.
  • No female dogs in heat will be allowed.
  • Please keep your dog leashed and under control at all times. (NO flexi leashes)
  • Please download and sign the liability and photo release waiver for your first visit.
  • Please bring a copy of your dogs current Rabies Vaccination, or upload when scheduling an appointment.