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Meet the Owner and Beginning Trainer, Becky Haen


Becky and Gryff started training in the sport of dock diving in 2015. Within 6 months Gryff was competing in distance, Extreme Vertical, Speed retrieve, and Iron Dog. In 2016 Gryff was 5th place finalist in Dock Dogs Iron Dog. In 2017 Gryff recieved invites to Ultimate Air Games at Purina Farms, Dock Dogs World Championships, and North American Diving Dogs National Championship in Orlando, FL.  His personal bests to date are 27' 6" in distance, 7'10" in Extreme Vertical, 5.4 second in Speed Retrieve, 60' in Catch - it, 6 seconds in chase it, and 21' in Air retrieve.

Meet the Advanced Trainer, Rick Laes


Rick has been involved in the sport of dock diving since 2009. He has been invited to World and National Championships every year since. In 2013 Rick and Praz placed 3rd in Extreme Vertical with a 7' grab and Praz became the 2013 Speed Retrieve World Champion with a time of 5.6 seconds. Attie , Rick's yellow Lab, also placed 4th in Cadet Extreme Vertical in the same year. In between competitions, Rick can be found training new and seasoned dogs in the sport of dock diving.

Meet the Hounds


(From Left to right) Fiona Skye, Truman(Tru) and Gryffon (Gryff).  Altogether the sports they compete in are ; dock diving, barn hunt, CAT trials, FAST CAT, and Nosework. They are starting agility classes and look forward to try their paw at tracking. The future may even hold Flyball and Disc competitions. Coming in April,   two new additions will be added  to the pack. Podenco Canarios flying in from the rescue Casa de Posta in Sevilla, Spain; Algarrobo and Max. 

Coming Soon...


Having an indoor pool is great, but why not add more fun to the pool? In the future we are looking to add...

A state of the art camera system to record and watch in real time the footwork of the dogs on the dock.

Timing lights for a race to the bumper

An outdoor competition dock and pool

A 2.5 acre fenced area for additional competitions like CAT trials and FAST CAT.

A Sport Dog store


These are a few of our favorite things


NADD - North America Diving Dogs

Southtown K9 (A fellow NADD Facility)

The Dog Tank (Yet another NADD Facility)

Pier Pups (A Local Dock Diving Group)

Galgo Podenco Support (Adoption agency for Galgos and Podencos from Spain)

Momentum Carnivore Nutrition (Treats, Dog Food and More)

Raw Dawg ( Specialty Pet food store)

What's in Plymouth?